Do I need to be able to dance to enjoy a ceilidh?
No, the caller will guide everyone through the dances. If you can count and walk you can do a ceilidh. Knowing left from right is an advantage, but not essential.

Is there a bar?
Fear not, there will be a bar.

Do I need haybales and lumberjack shirts and all that stuff?

Can I bring my kids along?
Sure, why not. Dancing is for everyone!

What’s the difference between a barn dance and a ceilidh?
Nobody knows.

How many different ways are there to spell Ceilidh?
At the last count it was around 4000, and no-one can decide which spelling is correct.

How much fun is a ceilidh?
It’s a lot of fun.


3 thoughts on “FAQ’s

  1. Barney Smith

    I am hoping to have a birthday ceilidh at the Folk House around May 20th 2017 (next year) and don’t want it to clash with one of yours. Any thoughts?


    1. edbarrow Post author

      Hi Barney, we haven’t yet finalised the schedule for 2017, we were planning to run six from September through to April. So go ahead if you want to book something, alternatively we can run one extra in May and you can hijack it and have your birthday with us!


      1. Barney Smith

        I have booked it for the 20th with the Molecatchers. Copying your format is my sincerest form of flattery.


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