Here are a list of events we’ve got lined up for 2019, all at the Folk House:
September 20: Antler Ceilidh
November 1: Molecatchers
December 13: Brewery band
January 17: Bowreed
February 21: The Pigeon Swing
March 13: Jigfoot
April 18: Lasair

We hope to see you at one of our events!



8 thoughts on “Events

  1. Elen Masson


    I’m hoping to come to your burns night ceildhi and have two quick questions- firstly do you do student discount? Secondly is there a dress code?




    1. edbarrow Post author

      Hi Elen, ours isn’t on Burns night, it’s the day after. Fitty Gomash are running a burns night ceilidh, maybe you have us confused with them? And unfortunately we don’t offer student discount.


      1. Rhiannon

        Okay thank you, where can I buy tickets online then? The ceilidhs in February and onwards are not currently listed on the Folk House website


  2. Pete

    Hi lovely ceilidh people, any idea when tix for march will be on sale? Presume they will also be on the link above? (I’m guessing you’ve taken it down because Feb is sold out). Thanks! 🙂


    1. edbarrow Post author

      Yes they’ll all be on that page, check back the day after the Feb ceilidh (or like us on Facebook then you’ll get a notification when we create the event)



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